Allison St.Germain was born in New Orleans and raised on crawfish and oysters. Artistic and curious, Allison used the eclectic and inspiring backdrop of her hometown as a springboard for her creativity. After shucking the second hand shops in Louisiana clean of their “pearls” she moved to NYC in hopes of finding her place in the fashion world. After a stint at FIT, Allison soon realized that her best learning experiences would come from rolling up her sleeves and assisting top NYC fashion stylists. Her curiosity, work ethic, observant nature and impeccable taste did not go unnoticed. Soon, clients were pursuing her to help them with branding and styling for advertising and editorial campaigns…and Allison’s place in the fashion world was realized

She is meticulous, prepared for anything, has an astute and unique sense of style, and is equipped with an award winning personality. This makes her a dream on any set. Allison enjoys incorporating her style into all genres and working with all kinds of clients. Her passion and talent for finding the “hidden gem” still inspires her and sets her apart from the pack.

To contact Allison, please email: Allison@AllisonStGermain.com

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